The Wild Colonial Company produces beautiful antipodean gift stationery of ground-breaking design and superb quality. The first sumptuous  range of cards and journals features the bold and glorious work of the great  Florence Broadhurst, whose fabrics and wallpapers have captivated lovers of design for more than five decades.

‘I want for one moment to make our undiscovered country leap into the eyes of the Old World.’ 

Katherine Mansfield, February 1916

The Wild Colonial Company has been born out of my conviction that, in this grey digital age of keyboards and screens, people are longing for beautiful objects, objects that are tactile, sumptuous, exquisitely detailed, richly coloured. They want to be surprised, delighted, enchanted.

And they want around them things that speak of their world, that embody the independence, humour and individuality of the Antipodes.

For twenty-five years I have had the pleasure of working with talented and dedicated authors, designers and publishers to make beautiful books. But I have always been passionate, too, about gorgeous stationery. And I have since discovered that the world is full of people just like me, who cannot resist the temptation of a newly discovered journal or notebook crying out to be filled with dreams and memories.

But where was stationery that reflected the very best of Australia, and was produced to the highest standards? Where was our rich history, our matchless design, our creativity of spirit?

Enter The Wild Colonial Company. And who better to lead the way than that great Australian Florence Broadhurst, with her vibrant, eclectic and original designs?  

This first gift stationery range, ready for Christmas 2012, offers exceptionally beautiful cards and journals made with care and passion. More exciting and original ranges will follow throughout 2013.

I do hope that you will follow Florence into the undiscovered country of The Wild Colonial Company.